Preschool 18 months - 3 yrs


6 - 12 months

BabynasticZ will be your baby’s first introduction to the GymZone world! This class offers a fun and social, group environment for you and your baby to socialize. As you interact with your child, they will develop new motor and cognitive skills such as walking, jumping and learning words! Our highly qualified staff and state of the art facility delivers a comfortable, safe and fun space for your little one to explore and grow with other babies! This class includes baby stimulation techniques such as fun songs, small obstacle courses and PLAY-TIME!



Twinkle TotZ (45 MINUTE CLASS)

12 months - 3 yrs

Our Twinkle TotZ program is an excellent introduction for toddlers to find the perfect balance between learning, play and gymnastics FUNdamentals. Totz will learn the basics of taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions with the comforting accompaniment of a parent. All of the basic gross movement patterns like climbing, rolling, jumping, gripping, hanging are developed through basic gymnastics while in a socialized environment. Totz have the opportunity to explore both our full-size gym and our kidscentric mini-gym, perfect for tiny hands and feet!



Twinkle ToddlerZ (55 MIN CLASS)

3 years

123 I'M 3! Twinkle ToddlerZ is the next stepping-stone in our Twinkle Program, and will expand your child's learning, play and gymnastics FUNdamentals. In this class toddlers will learn how to stay with a group, begin to follow instructor guidance and improve their social skills with other toddlers. This class transitions to fine motor development with more progressive gymnastics movements. Toddlerz will still have the comfort and security of their parents but will acquire the confidence to learn, play and develop on their own!



Mommy and Baby Fitness (Babies Ages 6 weeks - 12 months)  

Looking to get that pre-baby body back? Then this is the class for you! Mommy & Baby fitness with time set-aside for just for Mom! This new program is designed to give moms the chance to play with their little one, socialize with other moms and get in shape all at the same time! A full body workout complete with a warm-up & cool-down in our state of the art gymnastics facility, with specially designed moves for interacting with your little one!