Girls Recreational 6-12 yrs

Rising StarZ (55 MIN CLASS)

This program is designed for girls ages 6-12 to develop their individual potential through gymnastics participation. Children are grouped by age to facilitate learning, helping them develop at a pace they are comfortable with. Our Rising StarZ Program is focused on progressive gymnastics skill development in a fun and encouraging environment. Young ladies will develop their flexibility, power, balance and coordination while learning fun and challenging gymnastics skills with their friends! All of these life-enhancing attributes build confidence and self esteem - setting your daughter up for a lifetime of success!



Future StarZ Girls (55 MIN CLASS)

Our Future StarZ Program is designed for young ladies aged 8-12 who have completed at least 1 year in our Rising StarZ program. We provide these athletes with the increased exposure to more challenging skills and combinations. As young ladies participate in our programs and become stronger and more powerful, they become better physically prepared to cross over to other sports in addition to gymnastics. We continue to include age divisions in this program so your daughter can continue to grow in a comfortable learning environment based on her experience and age. This system allows for maximum development of individual potential and maximum FUN!



Super NovaZ Girls (1 HOUR 55 MIN CLASS)

This program offers advanced classes for girls who have mastered gymnastics basics and are looking for an extra challenge. Our Super NovaZ Program is on an invitation only basis. We offer annual assessments for young ladies who are interested to learn if they are ready for the next steps in their gymnastics participation. Our Super NovaZ program is designed to offer our most experienced recreational gymnasts the chance to maximize their sport experience in gymnastics development!