Our Team

GymZone strives to share with each and every child, our experience and knowledge of the exciting sport of gymnastics to help them build a strong foundation to succeed in all sports! We are dedicated to building a strong team of great people to lead your child’s success in our programs. Quality people, instruction & programs, safety first and fun always!

Lisa Kivinen

Jack Miller

Team Leaders

Alexandra Larocque

General Manager

Sierra Lisi

Business Operations Lead

Terra Davidson

Competitive Director + WAG Head Coach

Tia Richter

Recreational Program/Team Lead


Ali Weslake

Trampoline & Tumbling Head Coach

Graham Boland

Supervisor, Mentor & Coach

Julie McEwen

Women’s Artistic Coach & Supervisor

Kayla Folz

Supervisor, Mentor & Women’s Artistic Coach

Paulena Moote

Supervisor, Coach & Client Success

Meg Miller

Supervisor, Mentor & Coach

Kiiana Valentim

Supervisor & Recreational Coach

Competitive Coaches

Bryanne Laurin

Tumbling Coach

Emma Wright

Competitive & Recreational Coach

Rachel Uguccioni

Competitive & Recreational Coach

Recreational Coaches

Sasha Rioux

Recreational Coach

Lexis Costanzi

Recreational Coach

Eric Rancourt

Go Ninja & Parkour Coach

Chris Baziw

Parkour Coach

Ève Lacroix

Recreational Coach

Brooklyn Lavallee

Recreational Coach

Connor MacDonald

Recreational Coach

Katie MacIsaac

Recreational Coach & Aerial Silks

Zoe Renaud

Recreational Coach

Charlotte Buck

Recreational Coach

Kylie Baxter

Recreational Coach

Coaches In Training (CIT)

Evan James

Recreational Coach

Emilie Lefebvre

Recreational Coach


Lynda Battistoni

Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine