Our Competitive Programs

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Our Competitive Program – The Sudbury Laurels Gymnastics Club

At GymZone Gymnastics & Athletics, it is our goal to help every young athlete achieve his or her individual potential in competitive gymnastics. Our highly trained staff is incredibly passionate, guiding gymnasts through mental and physical training, in a fun and engaging environment. The Sudbury Laurels is fortunate to house a permanent facility that incorporates all of the women’s and men’s Olympic equipment. We stress the importance of team spirit, and work on developing individual responsibility and respect. Winning many sportsmanship awards, our athletes stand out at competitions for more then just their exceptional performance – they truly love what they do!!

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Of all the disciplines, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is the most well known to the public. It is an extremely challenging sport that demands strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. When these elements are mastered on the 4 apparatus: vault, bars, beam and floor, a gymnast’s performance is effortless and exhilarating to watch.

Our Women’s program consists of approximately 40 – 50 athletes ranging from pre-competitive to Elite, ages 7 and up. Depending on the level, our athletes attend training 2 to 5 days a week totaling anywhere from 6 – 18 hours. Entrance into our women’s competitive program is by invitation only.

Over the 40+ years of Sudbury Laurels existence, we have had wonderful stories of success. Many of our athletes have brought home event and all-around medals at Provincial and National Championships. We have also had athletes travel nationally and internationally to represent Team Ontario, some returning with championship medals that we are all very proud of.

Program Highlights:

  • Kiiana Valentim, Brielle Charlebois, Patricia Hunt, Kerine St, Georges & Brooklyn Lavallee = Level 6 Team Champions at the Presidential Classic in Florida 2015
  • Brooklyn Lavallee Level 6 – Vault champion and Silver AA medalist at 2015 Ontario Championships
  • Kayla Folz (Level 10) qualified for tour to represent Team Ontario in Las Vegas
  • Marisol Toupin Level 7 – Bronze medalist on Vault at 2016 Ontario Championships
  • Kayla Folz (Level 10) – Qualified for Eastern Canadian Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Taking home gold medals on vault and floor
  • Kayla Folz (Level 10) – Floor Champion at 2016 Ontario Championships as well qualified for the 2016 National Championships in Edmonton
  • Kayla Folz (Level 10) – Silver medalist on Vault at 2016 National Championships in Edmonton
  • Kayla Folz (Senior National) – First ever WAG Sudbury Laurels athlete to qualify and compete at Elite Canada 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Power Tumbling Competitive Program

Power Tumbling is one of the most high-energy disciplines in the world of gymnastics. It combines the exciting floor skills of Artistic Gymnastics and the dynamic skills from Trampoline.

Passes are performed on an elevated floor with fibreglass rods topped with a carpeted layer of foam. The floor is 26 metres long and 1.5 meters wide.

Our Power tumbling is one of the newest programs offered by the Sudbury Laurels and consists of 18 athletes at the Provincial level. The majority of our athletes train 6 hours per week which offers the flexibility to take part in other programs at the club. Our Trampoline program is a natural complement to our tumbling program and often athletes participate and compete in both.  Entrance into our competitive program is by invitation only.

Our tumblers take full advantage of our four in ground trampolines, in ground fast track, foam pit and full length rod floor to promote consistent skill development.

Program Highlights

  • Connor Macdonald- Level 2 – 2nd at Ontario Championships 2017
  • Sylvain Bastien- member of Team Ontario (Medalist, Eastern-Canadian Championships (2005), finalist at the Canadian National Championships (2007), and Ontario Champion (2006 – 2008) 
  • Jason Pelletier – 2008 Silver medalist at Ontario Cup Tumbling Meet, 2005 and 2006 back-to-back National Champion 
  • Denis Vachon – 2002 Top 10 at World Cup Tumbling, 2000 Provincial and National Champion – Youth Tumbling (named to the youth national team), 1999 Provincial and National Champion – Novice Tumbling

Trampoline Competitive Program

Trampoline is a unique component of gymnastics that demands spatial awareness and bravery. Our competitive team at the Sudbury Laurels provides athletes with the opportunity to develop and explore aerial acrobatics. It is both a physically and mentally challenging sport and when mastered, is exciting to watch!

Our trampoline program consists of 11 athletes and is offered at three different levels: interclub, provincial and national. The Sudbury Laurels athletes train between 4hrs per week at the introductory interclub level up to 8hrs per week at the national level. Entrance into our competitive men’s programs is by invitation only.

The Sudbury Laurels’ facility houses four in ground trampolines and a foam pit to facilitate advanced skill development.

We are proud to be the home of two Canadian national trampoline champions from 2009 and 2012. We have also had the opportunity to have our staff attend Canadian National Championships as a coach for team Ontario because of the success of our competitive program.

Program Highlights:

  • Kyle Lapierre – two time Canadian Champion (2016 level 6 and 2012 level 5); quest for gold recipient 2015
  • Sebastien Larochelle (level 5); Canadian championships 2016 12th; nationally qualified 2017
  • Paulena Moote – Eastern Canadian championships 2016 10th (level 4); provincial championships 2015 8th (level 3); nationally qualified 2017 (level 5)
  • Halley Baker (Level 2) – provincial championships 2015 9th