COVID-19 Changes

We are overjoyed to be welcoming back our GymZone Members (new and returning)! We would first like to thank you for trusting us with your child’s sport experience this Fall. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and have worked diligently with our District Health Unit, Gymnastics Ontario, and over 250 Member Clubs to meet and exceed provincial guidelines in implementing our protocols and procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

We want to ensure our members return to a safe, yet familiar experience, one that still sparks feelings of joy and excitement and delivers a safe, fun learning environment for your children. 

Entrance Protocol

If you are unsure if you should send your child to class, you can use this screening tool as a guide:

    • We kindly ask that you arrive with your child 10-15 minutes before the start of their class
    • When dropping off your child, we ask that you wait outside at the designated pylons located by our front entrance, until greeted in the building by a team member
    • One parent/guardian will be able to stay with their child during the screening process. Parents are not permitted to enter further into the facility at this time, unless your child is registered in a parent accompanied class (ages 3 and under) 
    • Both you and your child will need to wear a mask until cleared through our screening procedure *Please also bring a ziplock bag with your child’s name on it so they can safely store their mask while participating
    • Mask exemptions include: Children under the age of 3, a medical reason such as respiratory disease, difficulties hearing or processing information, unable to remove a mask without assistance, religious reasons. 
    • One of our team members will take your child’s temperature with a touchless thermometer and ask you a variety of standard COVID-19 screening questions
    • All athletes (and parents in a parent accompanied class) must sanitize once cleared by screening. *Feel free to pack your own sanitizer.
  • Prior to entering the gym, the coach will ask each athlete to take off their mask, put it in their plastic bag. Coaches will carry each zip-lock bag with a mask in their draw-string bag so they readily available to wear in our common area and to ensure they don’t get lost. 

Exit Protocol

  • *New Sudbury Location only* When your child’s class is over, we ask that you park/pick-up in the back of the facility and wait outside in the designated marked area 
  • We will bring each group outside one at a time to the back door with all their belongings for pick-up
  • Any class updates will be communicated to you by one of our team members

What to Wear/ Bring 

  • Gym suit (not required) 
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts or leggings
  • Nothing too baggy 
  • Water bottle (water fountain will only be permitted to refill water bottle) 
  • Mask and Ziplock bag labeled with child’s name 
  • Long hair tied back
  • No jewelry 
  • Indoor running shoes (Cheerleading classes ONLY)


Gymnastics Ontario has released new waivers due to COVID-19 that all participants must agree to/sign prior to attending classes for our Fall Session. All members that completed their registrations online or attended any of our Summer Camp 2020 programming have already accepted these policies during the checkout process. For all other members, please follow the instructions below to accept the policies on your online account:

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your email address and password. Note: If this is the first time you are logging in, enter your email address and click Forgot Password to create a new password.
  3. Once logged in, you will be directed to our Policies page to accept all necessary policies.

Facility Cleaning, Disinfection & Safeguarding  

  • Velcro and other markings will be used to outline physical distancing requirements and safe spaces for athletes and coaches to move around 
  • Our team will monitor athletes to ensure hands are being properly washed and disinfected between rotations *Each coach is equipped with hand sanitizer at all times, in addition to our various sanitizing stations throughout the facility  
  • Our bathroom taps, soap, and paper towel dispensers have been converted to touchless *Coming soon at our Valley location 
  • Front desk use is exceptionally limited, we encourage you to contact us by phone and email with any questions
  • We have allotted 20 minutes between each wave of Recreational Classes to allow our team to completely clean, disinfect and sanitize the facility 
  • We have multiple fogging machines that dispense a Neutral PH Disinfectant provided by Ecolab, that is Health Canada registered and deemed effective for Coronavirus and safe for children 
  • We are constantly updating our protocols and procedures as new updates are shared by public health, the province, and Gymnastics Ontario.  
  • We have trained and prepared our team with the knowledge and tools to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing environment 
  • We have empowered our staff to stay home if they feel unwell or notify us of any participant feeling unwell/ showing symptoms.
  • Coaches, Supervisors, and Administration will be wearing masks at all times 
  • Limited spotting of athletes will be permitted in accordance with Section 5 (1).1 of the Act which states that the instructional space must be operated to enable students to maintain a physical distance of at least two members from every other person in the instructional space, except where necessary for instruction that cannot be effectively provided if physical distancing is maintained
  • The use of our rope and foam pit are not permitted at this time for recreational classes

In the event an athlete becomes ill during a class the following steps will be taken: 

  • The individual will be immediately isolated in a separate area with comforting supervision and they will be given a mask to minimize the spread of respiratory particles 
  • Physical distancing from other participants will be ensured 
  • All other participants will be advised to wash hands immediately 
  • All equipment used by the individual will be removed (if possible) and disinfected immediately 
  • If the ill individual is a child, their parent will be notified to pick up them immediately and depending on their symptoms will either be asked to call TeleHealth for professional advice or will be asked to get a COVID-19 test and report the results to  *All results will be kept confidential 
  • If test results are negative, the individual will be permitted to return once symptom-free for 72 hours without the use of medication. If test results are positive, the individual must quarantine for 14 days and GymZone will enact its Internal COVID-19 procedure 
  • Please make sure we have your up to date contact information in the event we need to reach you 

Frequently Asked Questions:

At this time for the safety of all of our members, we ask that if your child is stick you stay home from class.

At this time we ask that if anyone in your household is sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 that your child does not attend class.

To mitigate as much risk and exposure as possible, to help keep the children in our programs and our team safe. This decision has been recommended by Gymnastics Ontario and the vast majority of our 250+ member clubs in the province have followed suit. The fact is, the fewer people we allow in our doors, the less we expose the children frequenting our facility and our team. This decision protects all parties involved.

There are many options for when younger children need to use the washroom and are uncomfortable finding it on their own. More often then not, it is the coach who will ask the supervisor to walk and wait for the child to use the washroom and walk them back to their group. Many of our classes also have a CIT (Coach in Training) who is available to do the same. Other times, if they are passing by the lobby, or taking a water break, and multiple participants have to use the washroom, the coach might wait for them as a group or ask our administrator/greeter to wait to walk them back to the appropriate class.

Our coaches and supervisors have specific gymnastics training through the National Coaching Certification Program as well as Standard First Aid and CPR, Risk Management, and Respect in Sport. The majority of our team members also have High Five Training: Principles of Healthy Child Development to help ensure that while working to develop physical literacy with the children in our programs, we are also ensuring a child’s social, cognitive, and emotional needs are being met. Every year before our Fall Session we host a full-day team orientation where we review all of our policies, protocols, athlete safety, new changes/rules and everything else our team needs to know for a safe and successful year. We host another very similar all-team orientation in June prior to the start of our Summer Camps.

Should this unfortunately happen again, all members will be issued a credit from the date that classes can no longer take place for the remaining amount of the session. You will have the opportunity to use this credit for a future session when we are safe and approved to reopen again.