T.O.P. StarZ

T.O.P. Starz (Invitation Only)

Our Talent Opportunity Program (T.O.P.) is geared towards children who have shown an aptitude for gymnastics skill development. These athletes are considered part of our developmental competitive program. Our developmental coaches help the children to maximize their skill level and provide them the opportunity to see if they are interested in a competitive gymnastics opportunity. In addition, it allows our competitive developmental coaches the opportunity to work closely with our most talented recreational athletes to provide them the best opportunity to progress through the sport gymnastics.

Our T.O.P. StarZ classes are divided by age to ensure that our staff are able to work with each child at their appropriate developmental level. Your child will continue to build their gymnastics foundation in either a 55 MIN, 1 HR 25 MIN, or 3 HR 50 MIN class depending on their age and experience in our programs.

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T.O.P StarZ Program Streams 

  • T.O.P StarZ Girls Gymnastics

  • T.O.P StarZ Boys Gymnastics

  • T.O.P StarZ Trampoline

  • T.O.P StarZ Tumbling