Shooting StarZ (55 MIN CLASS)

This program is designed for children ages 6-12 to develop their individual potential through trampoline participation. Trampoline is an excellent tool for developing sports skills such as free space awareness, proprioception, balance, and agility. Children are grouped by age to facilitate learning, helping them develop at a pace they are comfortable with. Through all of our specific trampoline skills and training, children will be challenged to learn how to flip, twist bounce and soar to new heights!

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Tumble StarZ (1 HOUR 25 MIN CLASS)

The perfect combination of tumbling & trampoline! The Tumble StarZ program is for children looking to get an equal balance of the benefits of both floor and trampoline training. In this class, athletes will enhance their balance, proprioception, strength, speed and agility through tumbling and trampoline FUNdamentals. This program is an opportunity for children to develop their physical literacy to its maximum potential and soar to new heights!

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Super NovaZ Trampoline (55 MIN CLASS)

This program offers advanced classes for athletes who have mastered trampoline basics and are looking for an extra challenge. Our Super NovaZ Program is on an invitation only basis. We offer annual assessments for children who are interested to learn if they are ready for the next steps in their trampoline participation. Our Super NovaZ program is designed to offer our most experienced recreational trampolinists the chance to maximize their sport experience in trampoline development!

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